Memories, Thoughts, etc.

So here we are; another year later and another year older.

Today is October 29, 2009. Today 28 years ago made one woman and one man the [happy] & proud parents of Jeremiah Meyer. He was born into a family that unconditionally loved and cared for him. Jeremy was destined for greatness, he was born to succeed in everything he tried his hand in. Being born on the anniversary of the date that the Statue Of Liberty was given to America must mean something, because Jeremy sure was amazing. "Always go for what you want; you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it," two lines that Jeremy had personally said to me on more then one occasion.

Forgetting Is Not An Option!

I don’t know about you but I continue to think about my friend and “virtual” son.  During the good times I’m saddened that he isn’t here to enjoy the fruits of his labors.  When faced with challenging times (not so good or bad times), I miss his valued input and thoughtful assessments. 

I Remember...

I remember being 14 years old and coming home from a bad day at school. I was walking up my driveway and it wasn’t really anything to me to see different cars in my driveway, being that my parents ran a successful business out of our home. But I remember seeing an old maroon Buick parked in the driveway. Little did I know that I’d be seeing this car on a pretty regular basis. I walked inside and to my surprise, there is a tall young man with long hair sitting at my dining room table.  Who is this guy with long hair and big ears just sitting at my table? I wondered to myself.