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It's always easier to leave than to be left.

Unfortunately for me & all of you reading this, we find ourselves in the "left" category, as we endure the first holiday season without our friend and brother Jeremy by our sides.

To say it's been a "rough" last six months would be an understatement. To try and pretend like there isn't a piece of me missing would be a lie. The fact is, no matter what season it is, Jeremy's not here, and for some reason I am. The fact that it's the holidays really just accentuates the normal everyday feelings of grief and loss I've been dealing with since June.


If you're visiting the site for the first time, welcome. For those returning, welcome back.

Jeremy's birthday October 29th, is rapidly approaching and to celebrate his life we have a few things "in the mix". 

The Jeremiah M. Meyer Memorial Fund has designated October 29th as Jeremy Meyer's National Fat Tire Day!  Check the page - we welcome your participation.  Photo submissions may be directed to