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It's A Brand New Day

Welcome to the Jeremiah M. Meyer Memorial Fund web-site. 
This site and Memorial Fund are dedicated to preserving the memory of Jeremiah Michael “Jeremy” Meyer. 

Old business -

Jeremiah M. Meyer National Fat Tire Day – An Amazing Success!
October 29th, 2008 was Jeremy’s birthday and JMM National Fat Tire Day. 
New Belgium Brewery’s Fat Tire - the designated brew of choice - was one of Jeremy’s favorite beers. To celebrate his life, a national toast was organized for his birthday in continued affection for this incredible young man.  The toast was coordinated to “pop those caps” at the same time, crossing several time zones – 10:00pm EST; 9:00pm CEN; 7:00pm PCF.  From coast-to-coast, with fondness and longing, we lifted a “Tire” to our friend, brother, true soul-mate, father and son.  Thanks to all of you, the “Jeremiah M. Meyer National Fat Tire Day” was an amazing success. 
There was an incredible amount of excitement and anticipation surrounding this event, people wanted to play.   In many cases, birthday parties for Jeremy were occurring across the country complete with birthday cake and ice cream.  The participation was greater than the gallery reflects.  For those of you still threatening to send it your pictures, send them! It’s never too late!
Major thanks to Daniel (QSC Audio, CA); Lon (Genelec, MA), and Levi (Ultimate Support, CO) for pulling the events together in their regions. 

It was a celebration of life.

We continue to receive inquiries about the family, specifically Amanda and Danielle- the loves of his life, soul-mate and daughter.  Following is a note from Amanda in response to your requests -

Danielle is doing well and on the move, she was 1 on November 5th.  She loves to listen to music and already does a bouncing type of dance.  She has a wonderful smile just like her daddy with five pearly whites and a lot of his wits.  I'm pretty sure she already realizes that she's the one running the house over here.  Everywhere we go she gets compliments on her long eyelashes and we all know were she got those.  She has become quite the charmer, waving hello and goodbye.  I want to thank everyone for keeping us in your thoughts and for all the wonderful things everyone has done.  It's comforting to know that Jeremy is still very much alive in all of our memories.
                                                               Sincerely,  Amanda

Our sincere thanks to Amanda for keeping in touch and letting us know that she and Danielle are well.  

Jeremy continues to touch our lives on a regular basis and will for many years to come.  

It's always easier to leave than to be left.

Unfortunately for me & all of you reading this, we find ourselves in the "left" category, as we endure the first holiday season without our friend and brother Jeremy by our sides.

To say it's been a "rough" last six months would be an understatement. To try and pretend like there isn't a piece of me missing would be a lie. The fact is, no matter what season it is, Jeremy's not here, and for some reason I am. The fact that it's the holidays really just accentuates the normal everyday feelings of grief and loss I've been dealing with since June.

So what do I do? Do I lament the obvious? Do I just resign myself to the misery?

May it never be!

The fact is, no matter how I write it, speak it, think it or present it - He's gone. He's not coming back.  More importantly - one day I'm going to be gone, and so are you.
Mortality is not optional, we are all tethered to the bonds of time.

Religious affiliations aside - we are all on our way out. When it is your time to go, there are two things you can do about it - watch & nothing. Every minute of every day we are one breath closer to our last. The length of time you have, and moment that it's run out will remain a mystery to us all until we take that journey - and for that I'm grateful. Because that means I'm not accountable for when I'm going to leave, just for what I do while I'm here.

So the question becomes; "what do you do with the time you've been given?"

We live. We love. We hope and then we give that life, love & hope away - to everyone we know and even to those we don't.  Jeremy understood this time tested principle - and even though it wasn't born from his wisdom, he knew enough to live it like it was.

His legacy, his heart, his passion - these things are all still here. Like shadows, they exist in the light of everything we do to  keep the true spirit of his life alive. That's what we do, we continue to be good stewards of the gifts that those who have gone before us have left in their absence. 

My encouragement to all of you, is that like it or not, we are all on our way out - act accordingly.

With any grace, may we all be remembered by those we know and love, with the heart, soul we remember Jeremy with because that's how you'll know the time you were allotted here was spent well.

Live out loud, laugh as often as possible and love like there is no tomorrow.

I hope you all have a happy holiday.

                                                                           - Rikk


I met Jeremy Meyer in 2003...

I met Jeremy Meyer in 2003; in fact I was the first manufacturer to travel with him after he got his job with SBT. Needless to say, I was impressed and excited by this eager young man. In some ways, the 22 year old Jeremy reminded me of another long haired 22 year old from the early 80s. I, too, was an information sponge, learning everything I could about musical and audio equipment; doing gigs, and seeing/mixing bands that I loved.


If you're visiting the site for the first time, welcome. For those returning, welcome back.

Jeremy's birthday October 29th, is rapidly approaching and to celebrate his life we have a few things "in the mix". 

The Jeremiah M. Meyer Memorial Fund has designated October 29th as Jeremy Meyer's National Fat Tire Day!  Check the page - we welcome your participation.  Photo submissions may be directed to 

Next, we'll begin to post your appropriate thoughts, letters and greetings on the site immediately, starting with a eulogy written by a very good friend, Phil Garfinkel. 

We'd like to take a moment to thank each of you for your contributions. We continue to receive donations for which we are grateful and are pleased to report that every dollar (penny) contributed to the Fund remains in the Fund.  The generosity of the sponsors has supported each undertaking to date.  

Special thanks (a shout out?) to The Bit Wrangler for creating the site, maintaining it and indulging our every request… no matter how unreasonable. 

Closing Thoughts -
Four months.  There are still times when it seems unfathomable that we won't see that smile again… it was a beautiful smile. It seems that just when we've recaptured our smiles and regained our voice, the dark cloud of gloom resurfaces magnified with the realization of his upcoming birthday.  We continue to love him, we continue to miss him, we continue to rejoice in the brief moments we were able to spend in his company.


His fire still burns bright!



Welcome to the Jeremiah M. Meyer Memorial Fund web page

This site and memorial fund are dedicated to preserving the memory of Jeremiah Michael “Jeremy” Meyer, a 26 year old father, son, partner and friend that passed on June 7th, 2008.  

Jeremy was an inspiring young man that touched the lives of many around the globe.  His sudden and tragic death was not a loss felt exclusively by his family and friends but by the professional and retail audio communities on a national level.  

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