So here we are; another year later and another year older.

Today is October 29, 2009. Today 28 years ago made one woman and one man the [happy] & proud parents of Jeremiah Meyer. He was born into a family that unconditionally loved and cared for him. Jeremy was destined for greatness, he was born to succeed in everything he tried his hand in. Being born on the anniversary of the date that the Statue Of Liberty was given to America must mean something, because Jeremy sure was amazing. "Always go for what you want; you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it," two lines that Jeremy had personally said to me on more then one occasion. He'd push for greatness; not just for himself but for those around him. He'd never turn his back on anyone; especially if you needed help.

Now on this October 29 we hurt, we pray, we cry, but we also remember. We remember someone for being more than a stand up man; more then a great person; more then an amazing father and lover. We remember him for every good thing he has ever done. We remember every smile he had ever put on our face, we remember every smile he smiled back at us. We remember the way he'd laugh, we remember the way his laugh was so contagious, and we also remember that curly pony tail that would always hang half way down his back.

For me it's impossible not to remember. Everyday I sit down at a desk that was once Jeremy Meyers'. I have worked at this desk for almost a year now. I never wanted to move anything, I wanted to preserve everything the way it was, I felt if I preserved everything it would keep Jeremy close. Sometimes I think I am going to wake up from this horrible nightmare; I'm going to walk into the office and see that always smiling face look up at me and say "did you stay out of trouble?" My response of course would be "don't I always stay out of trouble Jeremy?" It was just routine. I guess I have to come to the realization that it's not a bad dream, it's simply reality; no matter how badly it hurts. Sometimes sitting at this desk makes me feel so small. I find myself thinking 'How am I ever going to fill these shoes?' Then I look up at a Black Hawks calendar that has not been touched since June of 2008, the picture on there- Patrick Sharp #10 & Rene Bourque #12. This calendar is a constant reminder of Jeremy & a message that he left me with, I can be great if I want to be great. Though it may be October of 2009 I will never change the page on the calendar, and I guarantee that I will never take the calendar down. Looking up at this calendar 50x a day pushes me to work harder, because for the last person that looked up at this calendar everyday was a success.

I will remember Jeremy everyday my heart beats. Jeremy now lives in our hearts and our memories. Anyone that had the pleasure to know Jeremy has to have at least five great memories with him and some have many, many more. Never forget those; cherish them and even when its hard think about him, remember the good times you shared with him and keep them close to your heart always. He is watching down on us, he is keeping us safe, he is our angel.

Gabrielle - October 29, 2009