I Remember...

I remember being 14 years old and coming home from a bad day at school. I was walking up my driveway and it wasn’t really anything to me to see different cars in my driveway, being that my parents ran a successful business out of our home. But I remember seeing an old maroon Buick parked in the driveway. Little did I know that I’d be seeing this car on a pretty regular basis. I walked inside and to my surprise, there is a tall young man with long hair sitting at my dining room table.  Who is this guy with long hair and big ears just sitting at my table? I wondered to myself. My mom introduces him as “Jeremy, out new intern.” At that moment it didn’t mean much to me. I figured he was just another one of my moms’ employees. Little did I know I was so wrong.

I started seeing Jeremy almost on a daily basis in  my house, unlike all of my moms other employees, Jeremy was different. He extended his generosity to a 14 year old he didn’t even know. He actually went out of his way to talk to me. And when he’d see me at my dining room table struggling with homework, he’d take a minute out of his busy day to try to help me, and make sure I understood what I was doing.

Jeremy came into the picture right before the prime of my rebellion. We had talked so many times about how what I was doing wasn’t good and he tried to put me on the right path time and time again. He never once gave up on me, even when it felt like everyone else had. Jeremy had such a positive impact on my life, he was so proud of me when I graduated high school. Around the same time I was graduating he found out that the love of his life, Amanda was pregnant. When he found out he was having a baby girl he was elated. When she was born you could tell he had a new glow about him, being a father gave Jeremy such happiness. I remember the first time I saw him after she was born, he was so egger to tell me all about her.

I knew Jeremy beyond Spoiled By Technology. Jeremy always told me I was the little sister he never had. And he became an older brother to me. Doing things that big brothers would do for their little sister. He would drive me to work before I had a car. Then when I did finally get my car and it got crashed he’d drive me to the train station, that ride to the train station was the last time I saw Jeremy. I remember everything we talked about on the car ride. We talked about how my moms’ employee that I didn’t know very well [Rikk] was a really good person, because I had told him that I didn’t know about him. Jeremy reassured me he was an awesome employee and an even better person. Then Jeremy went onto tell me that I could have never asked for a better mother, that my mother has given me opportunities that some mothers don’t even have the chance to give to their children, he told me that I should start really appreciating my mother, because my mom would tell him how she loved me and only wanted to see me succeed. Jeremy was right, not only about my mother but about Rikk as well. I will hang on to that conversation for the rest of my life. It wasn’t until I lost Jeremy that I started realizing everything he said was right.

Jeremy once saved my life, not too many people know about it, I’m not sure if my mother really ever knew, but that is a whole different story for a whole different day. The point is Jeremy saved my life and I would have given anything to save his. But, they say everything happens for a reason. I personally could never see a reason to lose someone as special, as brilliant, as caring, as compassionate and, as loving as Jeremy, but they must have needed him up there. Someone, somewhere else, wherever that may be, must of needed an angel.  Jeremy has touched the lives of so many, in so many ways, always for the better. You would never hear a negative word spoken about Jeremy. Losing Jeremy was the hardest experience I have ever had to go through. I’m 20 years old now; Jeremy brightened my life for six amazing years. And for that he’ll never be forgotten. I will carry the lessons that Jeremy taught me for the rest of my life; there will never be a day where I will not think about what I have learned from him. Jeremy taught me, how to be a better student, not just in the classroom but in life. He taught me how to be a better daughter and most importantly he taught me to be a better person, not just for everyone around me, but for myself. One thing Jeremy said to me once was, “you can’t make others happy until you’re happy.” I learned to be happy with myself and my life is getting a lot better. I will see Jeremy again one day, but until that day I know he’ll be watching over me, making sure I stay on the right path. I love you Jeremy.

Gabrielle -  Dec 11, 2008