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I met Jeremy Meyer in 2003...

By samgreco - Posted on 23 October 2008

I met Jeremy Meyer in 2003; in fact I was the first manufacturer to travel with him after he got his job with SBT. Needless to say, I was impressed and excited by this eager young man. In some ways, the 22 year old Jeremy reminded me of another long haired 22 year old from the early 80s. I, too, was an information sponge, learning everything I could about musical and audio equipment; doing gigs, and seeing/mixing bands that I loved. Now, as a "veteran" of the industry, it is a less common thing to see a young man so excited; when I do see one, I give them everything I can to help them along the path

Jeremy was such a young man. His passion for audio was only surpassed by his desire to spread his knowledge and experience. In this so called "information age," too often we see info-misers greedily hording the precious bits (and bytes) of knowledge they have collected; refusing to share any of it, as if doing so would somehow weaken them. That was not Jeremy Meyer. Jeremy understood, rightly in my estimation, that sharing knowledge, information, and experience, not only strengthens the recipient but also the sharer.

I believe that Jeremy thought of himself not as a salesman, but a teacher who, as a peculiar side effect of his teaching, happened to sell product. This, in my opinion (as a sales manager) is not just an asset, but is akin to finding a diamond in a field of gravel. Truly, Jeremy was that rare of a gem.

And how driven he was! No slacker; this young man was up way too early way too often and worked his ass off every day. How passionate he was. Not just about audio and work, but also about Amanda and Danielle . I remember talking with him in the early days of their relationship and him telling me how this great woman had become part of his life. I remember the two of them coming to our booth at a trade show in San Francisco and the look of bemused patience on his face when I suggested some fun places for them to visit while in the City. I remember the excitement in his voice when he told me about Danielle's pending arrival and I remember visiting with them last August while Amanda was pregnant and just hanging out. And then of course, the proud emails and photos when Danielle arrived. Showing them off at the Winter NAMM show. Often, our conversations about work would veer off into discussions of his joy with Amanda and Danielle.

All of us who had the privilege of knowing or working with Jeremy understand what I'm saying. All of us feel the terrible hole that is left in our lives by this abrupt departure. On the MUNI in San Francisco there are signs reading, "Sudden Stops Necessary, Please Hold On." This is one of those Sudden Stops, I'm afraid.

Tom Marshall and Trey Anastasio, from Phish, Jeremy's favorite band, wrote this:

"If time were only part of the equation
Then you could draw the bound'ries of our cage
You wouldn't pile another stone upon me
And I'd be happy just to watch you age"

Alas for us, who have been deprived of that joy with Jeremy. He and I spoke last week about travelling together later this month. He closed the conversation with, "and maybe we can go Phishing sometime soon." He was sure Phish was going to re-unite and he had hoped we could go to some shows together. Some things are just not meant to be.

Sleep well, my young friend. You are now part of a greater mystery. I look forward to your lecture on "Astral Acoustics" when my time comes to go to the great Audio classroom in the sky.

Phil Garfinkel

Portland, OR.


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