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By samgreco - Posted on 23 October 2008

If you're visiting the site for the first time, welcome. For those returning, welcome back.

Jeremy's birthday October 29th, is rapidly approaching and to celebrate his life we have a few things "in the mix". 

The Jeremiah M. Meyer Memorial Fund has designated October 29th as Jeremy Meyer's National Fat Tire Day!  Check the page - we welcome your participation.  Photo submissions may be directed to 

Next, we'll begin to post your appropriate thoughts, letters and greetings on the site immediately, starting with a eulogy written by a very good friend, Phil Garfinkel. 

We'd like to take a moment to thank each of you for your contributions. We continue to receive donations for which we are grateful and are pleased to report that every dollar (penny) contributed to the Fund remains in the Fund.  The generosity of the sponsors has supported each undertaking to date.  

Special thanks (a shout out?) to The Bit Wrangler for creating the site, maintaining it and indulging our every request… no matter how unreasonable. 

Closing Thoughts -
Four months.  There are still times when it seems unfathomable that we won't see that smile again… it was a beautiful smile. It seems that just when we've recaptured our smiles and regained our voice, the dark cloud of gloom resurfaces magnified with the realization of his upcoming birthday.  We continue to love him, we continue to miss him, we continue to rejoice in the brief moments we were able to spend in his company.


His fire still burns bright!



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